🧐 How to Use This Guide

  1. Bookmark this page!
  2. Watch the 🐣 Getting Started on Heartbeat video first & get your community set up.
  3. Go through the 💃 Grow Engagement in your free time & implement as you go.
  4. Re-visit sections within 🏅 Best Practices if you need help with any of the core pieces of Heartbeat (i.e. tying channels to Groups, setting up an event, etc.)

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🐣 Getting Started

🛠 Setting up Heartbeat [10 min]


  1. Best Practices for Threads [6 min]
  2. Setting up your first 2 docs [2 min]
  3. Setting up your first event [6 min]
  4. Setting up automated match-ups [4 min]
  5. Set your community theme
  6. Customize your onboarding [6 min]
  7. Set up a custom domain [3 min]

🏅 Best Practices

Overview of the core pieces of Heartbeat, along with best practices

Discussions [8 videos]

Documents [6 videos]

Events [6 videos]

💃 Grow Engagement

Easy ways to increase engagement in your community instantly